London Trip June 2002

Janet and OLDOG spent 3 days visiting some of the tourist sites around London.

The Tate Modern.

We were not impressed by most of the 'Art' in the free galleries. A canvas painted a uniform blue! My computer can do that!
There were exhibitions of Dahli and Matisse works but the cost was prohibitive, also there were no tickets available until later that day so we skipped them.

The Millennium Bridge

This is the Thames footbridge, famous for mischievous wobbling when people walked over it. After loads of money was spent on it to provide shock absorbers and counterbalance weights it no longer wobbles. Oldog can report that it is now as steady as a rock. Shame really!

The London Eye

Well, it was enjoyable but not very exciting. It rotates very slowly and there is no feeling of movement. The views of London are good. Terrific bit of British Engineering. Shame Skoda were the only people with a big enough forge to make the central axle though!

St. Paul's Cathedral

£6 each to get in! We didn't have enough time to get good value for money out of that price so skipped it. Apparently there are 536 steps to get to the famous whispering gallery. We visited the cathedral shop and bought some postcards.

Canary Wharf Development

Wow! Lots of money being spent here. Beautiful underground station often seen in TV dramas. We rode the (driverless) Docklands Light Railway out to Greenwich.


The Cutty Sark, embedded forever in concrete.

Another vessel, the Gypsy Moth, the fiberglass yacht that Sir Francis Chichester sailed single-handed around the world (1966-1967) is nearby.