Ives family images
The main players:
Neil OLDOG Ives.
Peggy and Harry Ives, Neils parents. Lee, his sister, who is five years older.
Arthur and Lucy Ives, Harrys parents.
John and Ivy Wren, Peggys parents. (no pictures yet)
Scapa, the wire-haired fox-terrier. Chunky the marmalade cat
Vi, Ivy Wrens sister and Peggys aunt.

Apologies for the jumbled order. I'll arrange them better when I have more images.


52, Windmill Lane Southall. Harry, Peggy and Lee moved here from Acton when the house was new in 1948. It cost £1200!
Neil was born in nearby Isleworth Nursing Home in 1950.

Above: Scapa, the wire-haired terrier, Lee (2) and Peggy.
This picture was taken in 1947, so Neil wasn't even a twinkle in his fathers eye!
Below: Baby Peggy.
Arthur (Grandad) Ives photographed in 1969.
The story goes: Arthur Ives was born in a work-house in the late 19th century to an unmarried woman. She later married a widower who had children older than Arthur. Arthur was unhappy, the step-family bullied him, so at 15 he ran away from home and joined the navy as a (bare-foot) rating on sailing ships. He never saw his family again. You have to wonder where the name Ives came from??!!
Arthur was not very forthcoming about his early years so mystery abounds!

Arthur's naval career was amazing. He taught himself to read and embarked on 'bettering' himself. He took on every possible naval training course available. By 21 he had become an officer - very unusual in those days when officers were normally 'commissioned' from wealthy families. He retired, (sick with TB ) in 1948 at the rank of Lt Commander, which is one rank below Captain. He continued in apparently rude health until he was a few months short of one hundred years old!
Harry Ives, Neil and cousin Carl in the front garden of 52, Windmill Lane Southall in 1956
The caption has been copied from the reverse of the photo.
The girl in the centre with glasses is Kathleen Ives, the later mother of Carl.
I think the lad with the snake-buckle belt is Harry. In 1926 Harry would have been 10 years old.
'Dad' Ives used to take the boys out to sea in this 30ft ex-naval whaler without a compass. Harry said they would be out of sight of land sometimes and they were scared.
While the Royal Navy owned the boat it had been used for racing and its planking had been 'shaved' thin to make it lighter. This was another cause for concern for the young crew!
Lee Ives getting married to Terry Dickie at Acton registry Office in, I think 1969?

1959 - Lucy (Grandma) Ives with Chunky the marmalade cat.
Lucy was a lovely Cornish woman. She liked to come up to London without the 'old man' every so often and take Harry out to dinner.
Presents for the grandchildren were normal.

Well, what can I say? 1955? It's a tad late for an apology I suppose.
The sane members of this group, bravely trying to ignore the little loony, are Aunty Vi with Peggy and Lee Ives.
 Neil, Harry, Lee Littlehampton 1952
 Peggy Ives with tandem. The note on the reverse says;
"Over the head of the pass (2267 feet) up Gwynne Fawr Valley & over the top - looking North West across the Wye Valley towards Hay"
 Lee and Neil in the garden of 52 Windmill lane, August 1961.
 Harry and Peggy married, in 1938   Little Neil One month old
 Model boat made for Neil by his dad in 1952. I can still remember the smell of varnish it had.   July 1950
 Derbyshire 1953